Wednesday, November 14, 2012

PSA: What you shouldn't do when trying to sell your home...

ComeON people. Seriously.  I have had some weird, WEIRD showing experiences lately.  Here are things you should NOT do when trying to sell your home:

Tip # 1 - DO NOT BE HOME when there is a showing scheduled.  DO NOT.  It's awkward guys. Seriously. No one likes a homeowner 1) surprising them when they open a bedroom door on the 3rd floor after being in the house for 15 mins (has happened). 2) following you around the house (totally happens) 3) lounging around in their PJ's (happened this weekend) 4) Smoking a Hookah in the back yard (Yep, you guessed it, happened) 5) Don't air your dirty laundry about your divorce during the showing (again, this really happened!!)


Tip #2 - CLEAN YOUR DANG HOUSE. or don't show it or put it on the market.  No one likes to look at destroyed rooms, unmaid beds and your dirty skivvies on the floor.  Seriously.  Clean off your stinking kitchen counters!!  I don't really want to see what you had for dinner last night spread out everywhere & it's a turn off to buyers.  Buyers assume that if you can't take care of your belongings or home, they automatically start to doubt the maintenance of your home.

Tip #3 -  TAKE DOWN PERSONAL PHOTOS & SUCH.  I am a photo nut. Love them. Your kids are so. stinking. adorable -  I get it, trust me.  I have 2,365 photos of my dog on my phone.  I especially love to walk through your house and look at your photos. And so does the buyer.  We love to guess things all about you - especially when we see degrees.  We automatically start making up stories.  It's fun.  But you know what we are not doing...looking at your stinking house. That stuff is distracting. Take it down.

Okay, enough of my ranting.  Hope these tips help you sell your place. :-)


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