Thursday, October 18, 2012

Bathrooms worth looking at

Kitchens are one of the biggest selling points in a home, of course. But, I also feel that one area is sometimes overlooked by a few builders...bathrooms.
A bathroom can make or break a buyers feeling on a home.  Usually, buyers need a bathroom that fits their needs, but also can be an area for relaxation!
It's crazy to me how many homes have skipped a tub in the master, put in a cheap product or have crappy tile work.  Frankly, I don't think builders realize how much people focus on it.
I got fired up about this last Friday when I showed a slew of homes and one just had the most AWFUL bathroom.  It was a brand new construction home and I was appalled.  The tub (with clearance rack tile) was misplaced and took up half the bathroom.  The double vanity sink looked like they bought it off the clearance rack as well and it was about half the size that it should be. Just not impressed!  No wonder the house hadn't sold... 

Here are a few bathrooms I saw on Pinterest and just had to post.  Some of these bathrooms aren't even that big, but I like what they have done with the spaces!
This is a great example of using space wisely.  This isn't an oversized bathroom, but I love the tub choice and the large walk in shower with all the bright, natural light!
 I found this to be interesting choice of tile on the floor! I would have never picked it, but all put together, I really like the tile choices all around.  Also, LOVE the chandelier!
If this were my bathroom, I would be very happy. Love the white cabinetry and the wallpaper contrast. Also, I just like that it's simple and bright!
Just had to throw this one in! I see bathrooms like this all the time in Heights Bungalows. I just love the use of color.  The subway tile is very popular and looks very vintage with the claw foot tub!

Now, we don't really see bathrooms like this in Texas with the fireplace and stone, but I thought this was very different than my other choices with the beige tile work and the darker cabinets.  Love the fireplace too, however, I would never use that in Houston!

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