Monday, October 1, 2012

Oh yeah, I'm a realtor! And I've sold a few houses!

Yes, even with a broken foot, I have been a busy realtor bee!  I have been showing houses to several new buyers and have had several closings.  Below are a few in the last month!
Just for those that are curious...I average about 20 transactions a year and that works out to 1.6666666667 a month for all you math wizards. Of course nothing is ever consistent in real estate and I extremely enjoy the months that I have 3 or 4 or more!
This is the first closing I had this month.  It was a listing that I had and it was a rental property for my client who lives in another state & was ready to unload it.  After completely updating the property, the house sold very quickly and we had several offers on it!  My client was very pleased and I will be listing his other rental across the street soon!
 This property was a new construction property that my clients built in Upland Lakes (just outside the Beltway @ Wilcrest).  It's a cute new neighborhood that has two lakes, will have a dog park and a pool and it's zoned to Stratford H.S. I listed my clients house in May just after they started construction on this and their house sold in a week, so they have definitely been eager to get into their new place!  I have been by several times and it just looks fantastic!
This property below was another new construction home in the Heights.  My clients were newlyweds and so cute with great taste!  I loved all the upgrades they chose, especially the stone fireplace they went with (sorry for my lack of photos)! 
 Here is their beautiful kitchen!

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